Crisis Management, Incorporated, is a Media Management, Crisis and Non-Crisis Communications, Public Relations, Strategic Imaging and Positioning, Promotions, Publicity and Damage Control Consulting Company.  CMI maintains preserves and promotes the integrity of issues, causes, persons, images, corporations, negotiations, strategy and information flow. The following is a description of some of the following means by which this is accomplished:

Our Work

  • Circumvent press distortion and misinformation by controlled dissemination of accurate and truthful information. Shift the negative current of the press to a positive flow through effective and strategic communications while managing the in and out flow of information.
  • Maintain a consistent public relations and communications strategy.
  • Maintain the ability to assess situations and quickly determine what needs to be done both publicly and privately.  Plan on any contingency that may occur. Organize think tanks on strategy.
  • Shape public perceptions and opinions by presenting the issues in the most favorable and truthful terms possible, given the circumstances. Maintain Image Strategy and Control.
  • Control the damage to clients on all fronts through strategic communications in TV, radio, print and legal means, when necessary.
  • Legal liaison: Hire and direct specialized attorneys for the protection of the victim, corporation or issue of the crisis at hand.
  • Assess the opposition by gathering background information. Ascertain the strategy and motives of the opposing camp.  Maintain a “no surprises” course.
  • Expose journalistic bias by working with bureau chiefs and editors pertaining to accountability. Maintain friendly, yet firm relations with the media, given the circumstances. Understand the “business” of the press or the opponents, inside and out (much more to be discussed on this subject).
  • Maintain sound judgment and instinct by staying focused and informed on all fronts.
  • Negotiate as much up front control as possible for clients before giving interviews with the media. Arrange “woodshed” sessions in which trusted experts advise and prepare the client before any communication with the press.
  • Image advice on wardrobe, styling, communications skills, posture, stance, projection, speech articulation, voice quality, mannerisms and proper conveyance techniques.
  • Confidentiality is a given.
  • Preserve and protect options and alternatives, both private and professional.
  • Work to maintain personal privacy of clients, their families, issues and closely held corporate information.

(A small sampling of former clients: Donna Rice Hughes of the Gary Hart presidential candidacy, Fawn Hall of Iran Contra, advisor to the lead attorney of the Richard Jewel, Atlanta Olympic bombing, various confidential corporate and film industry interests, various “issue” oriented causes.)

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We may be contacted at info@crisismanagementincorporated.com.